I left the house and took a walk into town to have plaice at the restaurant of the local supermarket, Ica Indianen. From this visit I remember his face, and those of the members of the dance band on the notice board.

In town they were selling fireworks and distress rockets. A new pizza place had opened, the library was closed, and there seemed to be a funeral under way. Torn out pages from a book lay scattered all the way from the totem pole to the Filadelfia Church.

In the ditch by the hot dog stand:

”It is always us women who end up suffering. To die is not to suffer. To suffer is to live when your loved ones are dead.”

In the parking lot outside the paint and cosmetics shop:

“The day is so short, the road is so long. So come run with my song, let us hurry away! Here is no peace to be found. In this place only wolves abound.”

By Nilssons Coats:

“There are lots of things that I can’t understand, all I know is that I have to comply with what the others decide.”


I wrote this text as part of my art project ”Stories for an 87 year old lady”.
I think that this text is a good description of my working method, which often involves to select and to construct meanings, associations and combinations, using the stories, objects and events, that comes across my everyday life- as starting points. My works usually ends up in the form of photographs or texts, and sometimes they become installations or social experiments/cooperation’s. I then present these works through books or exhibitions.

/Helga Härenstam