Excerpts from the book and exhibition. More info about the project below.
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I inherited a photo album from my grandmothers childhood at Mnene mission station in South Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe.
I opened the album and read the note:
“In waiting for what is to come”.
I then discovered that about half of the photographs were lost.
I travelled to Mnene, to a place I knew from the album and from a child memories of it, a hundred years ago, to (kind of) finish the album.


The project ”In waiting for what is to come” is based on image combinations, where the pictures from my grandmother’s old album meets my own pictures. The old and new images are combined with notes and when put together a game of time and images is formed; before and after, filtered by chance, association and imagination.

The project is presented as a book,  and as a exhibition (from which these images are an excerpt). The exhibition is interactive. As a book in exhibition form, where you, by opening and closing the frames, get access to the stories. The documentation on this website is from Museum of Work, Norrköping, Sweden 2018. The work is also exhibited at Göteborgs konsthall 6/10. 2018- 13/1-2019 as part of the exhibition Before we forget.

To buy a copy of the book:

In Waiting for What is to Come (The book)
Journal publisher 2018
ISBN: 978-91-87939-28-0
The book is available in an edition of 450 copies.
Photography, texts, graphic form: Helga Härenstam
Editor: Gösta Flemming.